Wednesday, December 2, 2020

What Works for Cellulite? This is what we discovered


I often receive emails from concerned women who are suffering from cellulite on their butt and thighs. Cellulite can be a real problem and make us feel less confident and free in our body’s.

While generally there is no accepted “cure” for cellulite, there are ways to reduce the appearance of it and that’s what I’d like to share today.

There are many causes of cellulite from diet, to exercise, and plain old genetics could also be the reason why. Fortunately we have been experimenting with different ways to get rid of it and a few things have worked for us.

Mary suffered from severe cellulite for years

One of my most loyal clients, who I will call Mary for privacy, currently lives in Los Angeles and suffered with cellulite for years. Mary first attended one of my detox retreats in Costa Rica, and I remember we were all at the beach together at the end of the retreat.

She was so shy and embarrassed about the cellulite on her thighs that she wore a long beach gown and wouldn’t sit in a bathing suit or join us in the water.

Cellulite can really have that effect on us. We’re embarrassed about it and Mary later told me she felt “disgusting” which really isn’t true at all.

Cellulite is just another women’s health issue

We need to speak up about it! Instead of letting it shatter our confidence in silence.

Since Mary opened up to me about her cellulite and because I had managed to get rid of my own cellulite when I was younger, we began experimenting with different detox plans, diets and exercise moves that reverse it.

Essentially cellulite is what happens when fat cells enlarge under our skin’s connective tissue and become mushy to touch and lumpy to look at.

Yet there are only a few causes of it. And what we’ve found is by focusing specifically on why the cellulite is appearing in the first place and treating that; we have been able to reduce, and in some cases totally remove, cellulite from the body.

Because you see, while things like genetics may pre-dispose you to getting cellulite. It does not mean you need to have it at all!

When I was younger it was embarrassing for me too

My experience with cellulite was when I was just starting to run detox & Yoga retreats, yeah I know! Guests expected me to have the perfect body. But I had some visible cellulite on the back on my thighs.

Usually my body is in good shape and even back then my diet was clean and my exercise consistent. So why did I still have the appearance of cellulite on the back of my thighs?

Well it turns out after seeking professional help that this can happen if 1). you have genetics that pre-dispose you to having cellulite, and 2). you are not doing specific anti-cellulite moves and eating foods that specifically combat and remove it.

Thankfully I knew someone in the industry who specialized in treating cellulite in all it’s forms and began a program to get rid of it.

For me because the cellulite was only slight I managed to completely remove it and was clear in about a month. I just needed to continue the practice for some weeks after and repeat to keep it gone.

For Mary however, it wasn’t quite so easy

Mary, my first client who came to me about cellulite. Well she had very severe cellulite on her butt and thighs and nothing was working for her.

We began to test different cellulite removal methods, detox diet plans, anti-cellulite creams and reversal moves and exercises. But the stubborn cellulite would not budge!

So I spoke on the phone to Robert who had helped me in the past reducing my cellulite. He was working with a lovely young woman called Samantha and they had developed a comprehensive system for reversing the causes of cellulite.

Resulting in often completely removing cellulite for the women that they worked with.

Robert Angelo is someone who I have worked with before because he too is in the detox retreat industry. He has come and given talks on a number of women’s health issues at my retreats, so I was confident recommending him to Mary.

The system that Robert and Samantha have developed for removing cellulite is called the Cellulite Reversal System and is a program you can do from home.

I know after Mary got on this system it helped her quickly reduce the appearance of cellulite on her legs and specifically her thighs. She still had some issues with cellulite appearing on her butt yet since checking back with her she says she’s seen noticeable improvements.

Which is really great. Because I remember on her legs and butt specifically the cellulite was really severe.

Over the last few years I have been receiving many emails on an almost weekly basis from women looking for ways to reduce their cellulite.

I always tell them the same thing. I say try Robert’s system first because it is the base that every other treatment works with.

It is a system of reversal which I really like.

Then to get even better results go ahead and try some topical solutions. I believe Robert has added a list of the best anti-cellulite creams and lotions to try.

After that keep on a detoxifying diet and continue the treatment to see results.

Remember, just because you may have genetics that pre-dispose you to getting cellulite. Does not mean you have to put up with it!

This is 2019! There are solutions for it and so if it’s harming your confidence, it’s time to get rid of it.

This is the message I want to give more women:

You have options to reduce your cellulite. You don’t need to put up with it, so do your research and start on a good program for removing it.

Feel confident in your body. That’s so important for us to really feel good about ourselves and free.

Sophie Jones Xx

P.S. this is the link to Robert’s program. Also another one that I have not tried, I have just heard good things about, is a cleanse program released by Daniela’ who also runs detox retreat programs. I’m told her cleanse program is also very good. Yet starting with Robert Angelo is likely a wise thing to do.


  1. Alma Page

    thanks i also have cellulite and it is severe. i having been looking everywhere for simple ways to remove it but now am beginning to understand that when you have cellulite you need to treat it properly and go on a plan to reduce it. i understand it may take longer than i first thought but really want to just get rid of it and so am trying everything i can!

  2. Amy

    thanks Sophie I too have been struggling trying to lose my cellulite for over a year now and it is stubborn also. I noticed it coming up a little over a year ago and felt really depressed, I know exactly what Mary means about feeling disgusting because I did. Am following your advice and really hoping for the best.
    Thank you for everything,

Sophie Jones
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