Friday, February 26, 2021

What Really Works to Get Rid of Cellulite?


“With my help, you can avoid scams and find out how to reduce your cellulite naturally…”

by: Michelle Cooper:

1). Beware of products that promise to “rid” or “cure” your cellulite.

2). Follow a treatment created by someone who actually cares.
I’m not out to “bad mouth” people or companies. But, at the same time, the kind of junk and scams I see out there make me mad! I hate when people take advantage of others. Especially over sensitive issues like cellulite.

If you’re searching for a safe way to reduce your cellulite, I recommend you try Robert Angelo and his methods.

Having spent years treating women with cosmetic problems, this is the best natural cellulite reduction treatment I know of.

But try it out for yourself and make up your own mind.

It, of course, isn’t the only way to reduce cellulite. I’ve just never seen anything else get these kinds of results.

3). Trust only in scientifically validated treatments.
When you’re feeling insecure about your body, sometimes you can let your emotions take over. Whether it’s excess fat, pimples, cellulite or something else, you must rely on scientific treatments… not some “magic” cream or gimmick of some kind.

You of course also want fast results. I understand that.

But, please: use only safe treatments which won’t harm your body.

I’ve seen too many women burned by scam products. And, in some cases, even do harm to their bodies with phony cellulite treatments.

I know, cellulite is embarrassing. It can be humiliating even thinking about it. But, that doesn’t mean taking one of these “treatments” is going to make it any better. In fact, chances are, you’ll make your condition worse.

4). Avoid gimmicks and ineffective treatments.
With every embarrassing cosmetic problem women face, a variety of fake treatments pop up promising to “rid” or “cure” the symptoms.

Don’t be fooled.

Cellulite can’t be cured like a common cough or cold. In fact, a scientific cure does not exist. There are of course treatments which dramatically reduce it, but, products promising to “rid” cellulite… are very likely scams.

These products may look good on the surface. They may lure you in with shiny graphics and big promises. But, the truth is, the vast majority of these products are scams targeting good people such as yourself.

There are many of these types of products but little evidence that they actually work.

  • Cellulite creams: the majority of these creams, gels and lotions are advertised as fast ways to both reduce fat and smooth out skin. However, the main active ingredient in these products is Aminophylline, which is a drug used to treat Asthma. There is no valid evidence that these “dream creams” work to reduce cellulite. Nada.
  • Laser treatment: this treatment has been shown to work in many cases. It is also cleared by the FDA so you can trust that it does have effect. However, this treatment is very costly, between $5,000-$7,000, and, there are some risks of burning and scarring. I recommend that you try reducing cellulite naturally first, before considering this treatment.
  • Mesotherapy: while this may slightly accelerate cellulite reduction through the elimination of fat, the difference is estimated at between 7 – 15%. What’s more, it is not approved by the FDA, and, there are possible side effects (infections, etc) which is why I disagree with this mode of treatment.
  • Liposuction: as I’m sure you’re already aware, Liposuction is a surgical procedure that is used to reduce fat in the patient. However, what isn’t common knowledge is that this procedure only reduces deep fat cells. It does not have any effect on the fat cells close to the surface of the skin. So, by definition, it is not helpful for removing cellulite.
  • Massages: this will not remove cellulite from your body. There are some studies which point toward moderate improvement, but, longterm, this is highly ineffective.

Generally, the reviews of most cellulite removal treatments point to little benefit.

5). What works for reducing cellulite?

Any treatment that combats the causes of cellulite, and doesn’t simply treat the symptoms.

As you’ve probably already realized by now, that doesn’t leave you with many options.

Surgery is an option. However, a costly one. My recommendation is for you to give Robert Angelo’s three-step system a try, because it’s completely natural.

If for some reason that doesn’t work for you, then you may need to consider surgery.

Whatever you decide to do, thanks for reading and I wish you the best!

Yours Faithfully,

Michelle Cooper


WebMD Medical Reference: Cellulite Causes and Treatments An evidence-based assessment of treatments for cellulite.

* this is a recommendation based on my personal experience. Please be aware, results will vary.

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