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What’s the Right Diet and Exercise Plan?


When you decide to diet and exercise to improve your health or to lose weight, you may be confronted with hundreds, if not thousands of options that are available to you. This leads to a great deal of confusion, and can be overwhelming.

So what’s the right eating plan and exercise routine to help you reach your goals?

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The Right Diet Plan

In the simplest of terms, the right diet plan is the plan that you can stick to that gives you the calories and nutrients that your body needs for survival and good health. There are literally hundreds of diet plans that are in fact healthy – the question you must ask yourself is whether you can stick to that plan for the long term or not. If you aren’t sure, it probably isn’t the right plan.

A good diet plan allows you to eat – and it should allow you to eat foods that you enjoy in moderation. If this is not allowed, your chances of sticking to the plan are minimal at best.

The Right Exercise Plan

The right exercise plan is the one that you will stick to, which strengthens your heart, increases your endurance, builds muscle, and burns calories. This could be just about any type of physical activity that you can imagine, providing that it does all of these things, and that you do it several times a week for at least thirty minutes each time.

While there is a wrong way and a right way to do certain exercises, there is no right or wrong exercise to participate in when it comes to losing weight or maintaining weight. Do what works best for you – and make sure that it is something that you can stick to, or choose several different exercise options and switch them out as you choose.

What Does Your Doctor Think?

Your doctor wants you to do what is right and what works for you. He does not want you to eat a diet that does not give you a healthy number of calories or other calories, and he does not want you to do exercises that strain your body unnecessarily, or in a manner that can lead to permanent or long term damage. Essentially, your doctor wants you to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, and to get enough exercise to keep your heart strong and healthy. At the same time, based on your current state of health, your doctor may have specific information concerning what is necessary for you in terms of diet and exercise as well.

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