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Why Colon Cleanse?


Cleansing is a way of clearing the digestive system, fasting and “resetting” the mind, as well as the body.

There is some evidence to suggest that certain toxic material may be at cause for disorders like constipation, acne, candida, brain fog and even simple lethargy.

Why focus on cleansing of the colon?

Directly and indirectly affecting all other human body parts, the colon is an organ that needs care, but many tend to ignore this aspect. If the colon is in some way congested with waste products, the liver is unable to function efficiently, which leads to a deterioration in the performances of the kidney and other such organs. In order to treat these disorders, the most important step to be taken is the cleansing of colons.

Since ignored largely, it is not surprising to know that most of our colons are in an extremely unhealthy state. Containing mucoid plaque and harmful toxins, mist of our diseases especially constipation, can be attributed to an unclean colon. This unhealthy state of the colon can largely be due to bad diets, living conditions and irregular lifestyle. 

In case of a diet, it is a well-known fact that most Americans include a lot of protein in their diets. Though protein is extremely necessary for the body to develop and function properly, over consumption can lead to the body feeling the discomfort of acidity. If the body is suffering from over-acidity, the colon is automatically affected, as it is solely responsible for eliminating necessary minerals and electrolytes from the body. This leads to the incapability of the colon to expel harmful bacteria and toxins.

 Many individuals also tend to overeat. It is a well known fact that gaining weight and becoming obese is dangerous, but what people don’t know is that overeating can cause many more serious problems. Over consumption of food makes our colon work harder, thus leading to an unnecessary overuse of the enzymes.  What is ideal that not more than a handful of food should be eaten per meal, but most tend to ignore this.

 Food that is eaten on a daily basis without paying attention to their nutritious value; such as cookies, cakes, various processed foods, sweets etc are a major cause for mucoid plaque to remain stuck in our colons. In order to eliminate all such waste, a colon cleanse is extremely necessary. 

The presence of toxins in our daily lives

The world in which we live is also a major cause for an unhealthy colon. The amount to pollution that enters our systems everyday are harmful for the human body. In order to combat these horrors, our immune system works overtime, which in turn leads to its weakening. Unless perhaps one is living in the Poles, every individual is subjected to this trauma.

A colon cleanse is thus perhaps a good solution to solve many problems faced by the human body. This not only helps people with constipation; aiding in a perfect detoxification of the body, it helps each and every individual who undergoes this treatment not only to feel healthier but also has stronger organs. Thus cleansing is extremely necessary in order to remove all harmful toxins from t he body. These toxins gather in our body as a result of the influence of unhealthy diets, pollution and regular use of antibiotics.

Bowel cleaning is a procedure that not only cleanses the colon, but also the large and small intestine as well as the stomach.

During the cleansing procedure, we actually cleanse and detoxify our whole body.

 The use of the colon

It is in the colon that a portion of the large intestine that lopes from the cecum to the rectum. Storing body waste is the most important function of the large intestine. Also storing water, it helps in maintaining the electrolyte and the water balance in the body.

Although most bacteria in the large intestine use bits of food fiber for their own advantage, the actual digestion of food takes place in the small intestine.

 Checking for a healthy colon

Identification of a healthy colon is extremely easy. If  the body undergoes one bowel progress in a day, with healthy bowels and negligible constipation it is the sign of a healthy colon. If your daily consumption consists of 4000-5000 calories per day, two or more bowel movements are not surprising. But for normal consumption of food, 1 or 2 bowel movements per day are ideal.

 The appearance of normal bowels

Normal bowels are around 8-10 inches in length and around 2.5 inches in width. They are solid and are ideally not slimy or in little pieces. Contradicting popular myths, healthy, normal bowels do not ideally need to sink. They can either sink or float or do both, completely depending on one’s diet. Normally, bowels are brownish, but a light greenish tinge is also not unnatural. Most importantly, a normal and healthy bowel movement is not a strenuous act. It is completely painless and unforced.

 Those who undergo the cleansing of the large intestine on a daily basis face constipation and other such discomforts while excreting. This is not only strenuous, but unhealthy as well, leading to other diseases. In case of constipation, food bits remain accumulated in the body longer than necessary and are extremely dangerous. It is similar to the rotting of a peeled banana left outside for several days.

Cleaning is important for all

Even if an individual does not suffer from constipation, a colon cleansing is beneficial for them as well. It is a well-known fact that all of us are subjected to unhealthy fumes, pollution and toxins on a regular basis, be it due to harmful diets or the pesticides and pollution plaguing our environment. Even instances of malnutrition, under-eating and over-eating can cause serious threats for the body. It is because of these toxic threats that our colons work harder, trying to eliminate them successfully. Thus, a cleaning of the colon is incredibly important in order for it work more competently.  

Furniture, cars, toilets, etc are cleaned on a regular basis to remove the dirt that accumulates on them. In the same manner, cleaning the body is also incredibly important. Toxins accumulate in our body and thus overburden major intestines, rendering them less effective. When organs, such as the intestine are jammed with these toxins, the body is unable to absorb the nutrients that are necessary, which leads the toxins to circulate back into the body leading to diseases such as acne. Thus, if the colon is cleansed, the body is rendered much healthier.

This procedure is extremely important for those who are following a detoxification regime for their bodies. It is also very important to begin with cleansing the bowels before any other organs are cleansed; simply because of the reason that cleansing  the colon first will assure you that all harmful toxins are being successfully eliminated from the body. If it is not expelled properly, these will return and play havoc with t he system.

It is essential that the colon be cleansed before any other organ.

 What is the procedure all about?

With the help of commercial products such as the Colonix, the colon can be successfully cleaned. Natural procedures like the consumption of fibrous shakes daily, starting with once and then increasing the dosage gradually is also of great help. In many cases, individuals undergo a fast in order to make the procedure more effective, but it is not a mandatory part of the regime. But what is important is that one should never overeat or consume any sort of unhealthy or junk food during the regime.

The effectiveness of a Colon Cleansers

 Most people opt for a colon cleanser in order to clean the colon. Many varieties, such as Colonix, OxyPowder, and Dual Action Cleanse are available easily in the markets. These are also amongst the most popular ones and even amongst the most effective ones.

Many individuals who have undergone the treatment have been completely relieved from ailments such as acne, candida, brain fog, digestive troubles and lethargy.

It is however certain that by the end of the regime the concerned individual will feel healthier as harmful toxins will be successfully eliminated from the body. Problems such as constipation will also be tackled.

If you lead a hectic life, it is advisable that you should try this procedure with the help of a simple colon cleanser. The Colonix Program has shown itself to be successful combating candida infections, parasites, acne and sometimes even weight issues. 

Health benefits of cleansing

It is often said that all of us should go for colon cleansing. The reason behind this is our exposure to toxins. The toxins are basically the by-products of a few things such as: 

  • a poor lifestyle
  • a poor environment
  • frequent consumption of drugs and other antibiotics
  • a bad diet, which includes taking unnatural food, eating too much of cooked food, etc.

So this exposure to toxins takes a toll on your colon, which causes ulcerative colitis, constipation and even colon cancer. There are certain secondary problems related with toxin build-up as well, which are: 

  • flu and the common cold
  • brain fog
  • acne and other problems related to skin
  • allergies
  • depression
  • syndrome of leaky gut
  • frequent bloating
  • back and shoulder pain
  • feeling tired and sick

Some studies that had been conducted reveals that link toxins can cause cancer due to cell damage. The toxins can damage the receptors in the brain, which can lead to Parkinson’s disease. So to avoid toxins, it is very essential that you live in a pollution-free place, and eat raw food. Cooked food should be very little. However, this is impractical for most of the people; but still, they are very much unwilling to take steps to get rid of the toxins that may have developed in their body. So colon cleansing is the first step towards getting rid of the toxins in your body.

1. Helps in faster elimination of wastes

Constipation is a major problem for most of us, and even for those who don’t directly have this problem, have some other problems. Toxins are produced when the by-products of the food that we eat remain in our body for a long time period. They come back into our bloodstream, and when that happens, they can be the root cause of many problems like joint pains, arthritis, etc. have a check-up if you don’t have 1-2 normal bowels daily. 

Just spare a thought about how much junk we have daily. Chocolates, soft drinks, candies, potato chips, fast foods, and even orange juice; they all have a bad effect on the digestive system. A fact is that these products were not meant for human consumption, so our organs find it a bit difficult to get rid of them from our body. So it clogs our intestines with toxic materials. This puts a lot of pressure on the digestive system, and therein lies the cause of many diseases. 

The diseases that arise from it aren’t merely the normal diseases, but even those which were not visualized five decades ago, like acid reflux, etc. So when you have many diseases together, there is always a reason behind it. So to keep yourself fit, it is essential to follow a healthy and a good diet.

2. Helps in fighting diseases

Many people have immensely benefited in their skin problems like acne, which has directly resulted from the cleansing of their colon. Why is it so? The fact is that skin problems result from malnutrition. When there is some strain on the colon and it cannot work well, then the organs of the digestive system are highly pressurized. In such a case, the digestive system fails to work normally, which results in improper absorption of vitamins and other nutrients in our body. This is malnutrition. Given that every organ depends on nutrients and vitamins, the harsh effects on our skin due to such can be imagined. 

Acne arises when toxins want to leave our body, but can’t. Skin is the largest body organ so it comes as no surprise that most of our pores are clogged. To treat acne, cleansing of the inner organs is vital. The bowels are the best to start with, followed by liver and the kidneys. There are creams to treat acne, but they only offer a temporary solution. The main cause of acne is the buildup of toxins, which must be removed prior to any form of treatment. 

Toxins also may be responsible for many inflammatory diseases. In these cases as well, toxins are willing to quit are body, and on being unable to do so, they affect our main organs like liver, skin, joints, and others. Pills are available for tackling these problems but they don’t take care of the root cause – they provide temporary relief.

3. Colon cleansing is natural

Cleaning means the consumption of herbs and other supplements from natural sources. Homemade cleanses that we use are often based on herbs and spices like turmeric (curcumin), rosemary, clove and thyme.

Another great one we use is cinnamon! Many of our clients join us at our retreats where they get the homemade and prepared cleansers that can be taken as part of the program.

Yet you can also make many of these detox drinks at home. They are fun, healthy and a better way to start, rather than going for colonic irrigation or hydrotherapy.

It is far better in our experience to start by using cleansing drinks and only do hydrotherapy if the client really is in need of this specific service.

There are risks associated with colonic irrigation and we for one want to shout out loud from the top of a mountain that “detox and cleanse is not just about hydrotherapy! It’s about taking time to start living a healthy lifestyle and focus on your health, and at our retreats, your fitness too!”


  1. Judy Coleman

    People nowadays are finally beginning to understand the importance of fiber in the diet. They now know that it helps prevent constipation and reduces the need for a good colon cleansing.

    However, there is more to the role of fiber than that. You can get a better glimpse of this as you read on.

    Additional Benefits of a High Fiber Diet:

    It helps reduce your appetite because you are likely to feel more satisfied as fiber fills you up. You have that increased “full” feeling.’
    It keeps your cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure levels down.
    It helps ensure that food passes through the digestive system properly and/or nutrients are absorbed into the body.
    The fact that fiber helps you eliminate wastes easier contributes to less toxic buildup that leads to colon cancer.
    The use of high fiber foods helps keep the “good” bacterial in your body from dying. This leads to less of a chance of growth of “bad” bacteria.
    Consuming enough fiber helps keep gastrointestinal problems away (i.e. diarrhea, Irritable Bowel Syndrome).
    Since eating enough fiber helps absorb nutrients it also aids in the increased building of the body’s defenses against sickness and disease.

    Types of Fiber

    There are two different types of fiber-soluble and insoluble. The soluble fiber is found in foods such as oat bran, barley, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, and peas.

    Soluble fiber is also found in a variety of fruits and vegetables. For instance, it is present in broccoli, egg plant (cooked), carrots (raw), blueberries, strawberries, and oranges.

    It is the soluble fiber that is responsible for the feeling of fullness. It helps a person eat less and also keeps cholesterol levels down. It also prevents heart disease.

    Insoluble fiber is found in other foods such as wheat bran and a variety of whole grains, as well as flax seeds, celery, carrots, and more. Insoluble fiber is what is responsible for helping the stools pass through the body much more quickly.

    It also helps the stomach and the intestines process the food more efficiently. This is what helps keep sickness and disease at bay-receiving all the nutrients your body needs.

  2. Elsa

    The colon cleansing process is not a new phenomenon. This is a process that dates back to ancient Greek times.

    Since the first time the process of digestive cleaning became popular a variety of methods have been used to carrying out this regimen. Since early times people have used a variety of plant and liquid sources to help line and lubricate the colon.

    In the early 1920s is when colon cleansing remedies became popular in the United States. From laxatives to hydrotherapy (intestinal flushing with water) people everywhere want their insides cleaned out.

    There has been some controversy as to whether this was even beneficial or necessary. As it turns out, some medical professionals say that it is not necessary because the body already does a good job of cleaning itself out.

    However, other medical professionals suggest that it could not hurt. It can help boost a person’s immune system and even help a person to lose weight.

    Probably one of the most prevalent of benefits of a colon cleanse is that it helps increase a person’s energy. A person can feel as light as air after they have gotten rid of dried feces and waste from their body.

    Another very powerful benefit of digestive cleaning is the fact that it helps make a person more regular if they have been feeling constipated for awhile. Additionally, it helps increase chance of losing weight because it corrects the metabolism.

    Moreover, a thorough colon cleanse can strengthen the immune system. This then leads to greater prevention against cancer, sickness, and disease.

    A Few Tips

    In order for a colon cleanse to be effective it helps if you eat more high fiber foods. It also helps if you cut down on the amount of meat and fatty foods you eat. No more fried chicken, for instance if you can help it!

    One major food item that could cause problems is dairy. Therefore, make sure you slow down on it too.

  3. Brenda Thompson

    Chances are you probably did not even realize that colon cleansing was related to weight loss. If not, this is your chance to discover the like between undergoing a good digestive cleansing and losing those unwanted pounds.

    How This Works

    According to many current reports, one of the main reasons people struggle with not being able to lose weight is because of the toxins in their system.
    Toxins present in a person’s intestines and digestive tract include but are not limited to the following:
    Undigested food
    Residue from Medications
    Dried Feces
    All of these organisms or substances living inside of you can interfere with your body’s normal digestive functioning. It is up to you to take care of this if you not only want to lose weight but to remain healthy.
    Digestive flushing via the use of a natural colon cleanse product along with a fruit and vegetable fast is the most recommended method. Otherwise, there are laxatives or colon irrigation methods.
    The last of these options mentioned would only be preformed in a medical facility. The natural cleanse is probably considered the easiest and the cheapest for the most part-usually no nasty side effects if you use a top recommended product.
    Besides losing weight, you will feel light as air. You will also be less prone to viral illness, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and more.
    Your concentration and retention will improve and you will be able to even see better. There are many more health benefits that will be discussed later on.

  4. Rosemarie Miller

    Colon cleansing is a very controversial topic in some medical circles. Some people believe it is not necessary, as the intestines can clean themselves out.

    On the other end of the spectrum, some experts believe that it can be very helpful for times such as when you require a colonoscopy. Yet, some medical professionals do not recommend it for detoxification.

    However, with anything often the key is in knowing what you are getting yourself into. The most important aspect of colon cleansing is to check with your doctor and ask him or her for advice.

    Furthermore, you are advised to read the ingredient labels on the bottle. Many people opt for ones that contain natural ingredients in them such as psyllium husk, flax seed, or papaya.

    The other recommendation for people seeking a thorough colon cleanse is to make sure while doing so you drink enough water. This will prevent from dehydrating while doing so.

    Furthermore, be careful of mixing too many colon cleansing products together. For instance, you should be very careful about using laxatives in addition to any other digestive cleansing regimen.

    In addition, it is always wise to make sure you eat a diet high in fiber. Cutting down on high-fat foods is also advisable.

  5. Miriam

    Keeping your colon clean is a very important process. Doing so will help you live a longer life and keep you feeling energetic. Just ask people around you who have cleansed their colon and you will understand what I am talking about.

    The following is a list of the five main reasons why you should cleanse your colon:

    1.To help you feel less bloated, constipated, or tired: The reason why this happens is because of the weighted down feeling you have when your insides are not cleaned out. If you want to become more regular that is one good reason why you need to take good care of this part of your body.

    2.It could possibly help you lose weight: Many people have reported weight loss after using a product that helped them clean out their digestive system and one of the benefits was that they loss more weight than they expected to lose. This is even true of products that were never sold as a weight loss aid.

    3. For detoxification: In fact, this is the main reason why most people have their colon cleaned. They do not want feces lining their intestinal walls, and they also want to get rid of mucus, parasites, and other foreign objects that result from eating too many of the wrong foods. Cleaning your self out from the inside out can also help get rid of toxins breathed in from the outside (the environment).

    4. To prevent cancer: Cancer in your intestines is one of the number one killers in the United States, and it also affects millions of people around the world. If you want to prevent colon cancer the first thing you need to do is change your diet. Then you should consider undergoing a colon cleanse.

    5. To give you a fresh start: Of course, years of eating the wrong foods, not exercising, and not living a healthy lifestyle cannot necessarily be corrected overnight. If you already have health problems you may need to be treated for whatever conditions is it you are experiencing.

    However, it will also help you in many cases to make sure you have your intestines thoroughly washed out. It will help you down the right dieting road, and it will hopefully give you an incentive and energy to exercise more often. It is likely to do you more good than harm a long as you use the right procedure and the right product.

    Several quality colon cleansing products are available. You will soon see more reviews of top recommended products on these pages. You can also visit our other sites to learn more this particular process, which can possibly save your life.

    Also be assured one of the best sources of information regarding this process is your doctor. He or she can aid you in this process, and will hopefully guide you to quality products that will help you feel more clean. If at all possible, it would be most advantageous to you to try a product that does not require a doctor’s prescription.

  6. Pauline

    I normally take the P&B shakes for cleansing my colon. Even the Colonix Program is helpful in this matter. Also, the Bentonite Clay shakes and Psyllium Husk helps me a lot, but it is not really convenient to make a fiber shake yourself and that too about 3 to 5 times daily, especially if you work full time. So going ahead with a colon cleansing program like the Colonix Program would be the best bet if you have packed schedules. I used this program, and it helped me get rid of many diseases like the candida infection and parasites. It removed my acne as well, and due to its effectiveness, few of the people use it as a program for weight loss too!

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