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Why Do Women Lose Their Libido?


Libido problems can be both physical and mental. Alcoholism, obesity and anemia are the most important physical factors responsible for a lower libido. Also, there are certain tumors of the pituitary gland that cause an increase in the prolactin level and thus a decreased libido. Some prescription drugs, especially anti depressants, decrease the levels of  levels of testosterone, a hormone that both genders need in order to have an active sexual life.

The Most Frequent Factors That Lead To A Decreased Libido

Psychological factors influencing a woman’s libido include depression, stress and confusion related to her sexual orientation. Anyone faced with the lack of sexual desire should take these factors into consideration first.

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There is no magic cure for low libido. Although testosterone was identified as the key hormone that improves a woman’s sexual response, the women doctors who prescribed testosterone supplements in the past 30 years have found that their effect is minimal, yet it is associated with unpleasant side effects such as facial hair growth, a thicker voice and a growth of the clitoris.

Dyspareunia is a sexual problem specific to women. It is a condition that characterizes painful sexual intercourse. Any part of the genital area can hurt during sex. Dyspareunia may occur both during and immediately after intercourse. It may have psychological or organic origin and it usually manifests in women.

There are usually two different types of dyspareunia. The superficial type is characterized by an initial discomfort that occurs at the beginning of penetration. Its symptoms are pain in the vulva, and a burning  sensation. It’s usually caused by insufficient lubrication, vaginal infections, rashes, trauma or radiotherapy. Deep pain is more common and can be caused by pelvic inflammatory disease,ovarian cysts, pelvic tumors, irritable bowel syndrome, or urinary tract infections.

Vaginal infections are another common cause of low libido; in this case, women feel pain when they use tampons or when they’re penetrated. Such infections can also occur due to wearing too tight underwear or trousers. In order to treat dyspareunia, doctors recommend hormone creams and some exercises.

Another potential cause for dyspareunia is the involuntary contraction of vaginal muscles, which may prevent the introduction of the penis during intercourse. This problem is often difficult to separate from physical pain or anxiety. This reaction is usually triggered by psychological factors. The treatment usually involves relaxation techniques and exercises to relax the vaginal muscles.

Sexual Abuse. Health problems aren’t the only causes that affect the quality of sexual life. Feelings are important as much as the physical problems because they can cause discomfort and sex. Some women have a very positive attitude towards sex, while others have had negative sexual experiences, and their fears and generate negative feelings towards sex.

Dysmenorrhea means discomfort or pain during menstruation.This is caused by muscle contractions of the uterus which occur because of the release of prostaglandins, which are hormones produced by the uterine lining. Most women don’t feel much pain during menstruation, but when they do and the pain grows in intensity, dysmenorrhea occurs.

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