Saturday, September 26, 2020

Why Eat More Raw Foods?


Some research has shown that eating more raw can combat tiredness, stress, depression, obesity, high blood pressure and premature ageing. And certainly that some foods are more nutritious when eaten raw.

Raw energy is the special quality of energy in fresh uncooked foods– fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds and sprouts. A mainly raw diet can help you lose weight, feel fitter and younger; it can also give you a sense of superior vitality and a greater resistance to stress, tiredness and certain illness.

Some studies suggest that raw diets not only prevent colds & flu and slow ageing, and they may also be effective in warding of certain disease.

Note: A Raw Food diet is not a substitute to advice from a medical doctor.

Why Raw Juice?

The simple reason why raw juices, particularly the green juices with their high levels of chlorophyll, are so beneficial is because they deliver, straight into your system, the most complete range of nutrients in their most vital form, suspended in water from an organic source and brimming with enzymes.

The sensible public has read about the benefits of antioxidants, vitamins and the necessity of distinguishing the good fats from the bad fats in our diets, to know that consuming 5 fresh (preferably raw) vegetable and fruit portions a day is a good start for good health, vitality, energy and all being well- a longer life.

Do Raw Foods contain Natural chemicals?

Yes, some natural foods do contain chemicals which when isolated and tested the results extrapolated from rodents and monkeys to humans– can be dangerous.

To quote these results out of context is misleading since the fact that our bodies have mechanisms for dealing with most of them is never mentioned. If we were to focus on the minute quantities of cyanide in apple pips, we discard a perfectly nourishing and beneficial fruit!

Simply put, not all natural toxins are bad. Many poisons are sources of important medicines– strychnine,the toxin in mushrooms is used to make medicines for the central nervous system and to make the homeopathic medicine nux vomica.

Many plants, fruits, vegetables, grains and beans contain natural toxins, enzymes and substances- some of which may interfere with digestion.

Speculation is that these chemicals function, at least in part, as a natural defense against bacterial, fungal, insect and perhaps animal predators. Beans for example are famous for their gas producing effect.

Beans – including the humble alfalfa, the smallest of the legume family- contain natural substances such as trypsin inhibitors, phytic and oxalic acid. These inhibitors are water soluble and a simple procedure of soaking and rinsing in water makes them more digestible when eaten raw as sprouts. The germinating bean also reduces and eliminates the inhibitors because of the chemical and enzyme changes during its growth.

Phytic acidis another unfriendly natural agent– a form of phosphorous found in beans. It binds with trace minerals such as zinc, manganese and chromium. The germination of grains reduces phytic acid and even liberates phosphorous for the production of phospholipids such as lecithin.

This same mineral unavailability also occurs with calcium due to the interference of oxalic acid. Oxalic acid is found in seeds such as sesame and vegetables such as rhubarb, spinach and mushrooms. Both oxalic and phytic acids are soluble in water and are converted and eliminated during germination.


Raw and sprouted vegetables contain enzymes that oppose tumour growth. Tumours release enzymes called proteases which break down healthy tissue around the tumour and increase potential tumour growth. Inhibiting enzymes in live foods called protease inhibitors, block the actions of these proteases and the spread of the tumours. Sprouted seeds and beans, particularly soya beans and lima beans, are our finest dietary sources of these protective enzymes.

Flax seeds

Flaxseeds and their young sprouts are one of our best sources of Omega 3 fatty acids such as alpha-linolenic acid. Studies show that the omega fatty acids have an inhibiting effect on tumour growth – specifically they decrease the migratory ability of tumour cells and metastasis.

Soy Beans

Soya bean sprouts are nature’s finest source of plant isoflavones which are converted in our stomachs to isoflavone equol. Research shows it to have excellent anti-estrogenic qualities similar to that of cruciferous vegetables.


The body of medical and scientific research has shown and is generally accepted by the majority of cancer treatment centres and support groups, naturopathic practitioners, many enlightened medical doctors and some more open-minded oncologists.

However, a Raw Food diet should be used to give your body energy, it should not be used as a substitute to medical attention received or advised by a doctor.

Far from salads being silent killers– the real carcinogens are the food manufacturers who try to persuade us to consume huge quantities of sugar, salt and fat laden, highly processed “foods” backed by huge advertising budgets, the mass demineralisation of the Planet’s soil through over production and the over-use of unsustainable fertilizers produced by the multi-national agri-chemical companies and the vested interests of the pharmaceutical companies.

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