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Why Meditate?


There are a variety of reasons why people want to start meditating. Some people are looking for relief from stress, depression, anxiety or sleep problems, while others are seeking internal peace and relaxation.

Depression There are many times when a person can feel depressed and helpless due to the events in life. People suffering from depression often feel that there is no help out there and feel even more depressed. Anxiety Meditation is often recommended by health experts in reducing all sorts of anxiety, panic and stress. On your way to seeking recovery from your problems, meditation is a great tool to start with. Stress Meditation can help people suffering from stress since stress can often cause different changes in brain function, blood pressure, and the body’s metabolism processes.

How is Meditation Effective?

  • Meditation is proven method for stress reduction and has the potential to improve quality of life and decrease the cost of health care.
  • Meditation involves slowing the mind down to a deep state of relaxation. Traditionally this is done using methods involving mantras, focusing and breath. More modern, easier ways exist such as using audio tones placed into each state that slow the mind down to a deep state, with no conscious effort on the part of the meditator.
  • Meditation enables one to focus on the “now” rather than dwell on the what happened in the past or having fear of the future future.
  • Meditation can have profound health benefits such as slowing the ageing process and helping the production of beneficial hormones such DHEA and melatonin.
  • Meditation can also assist in the clarity of thought, self-confidence and a sense of peace and direction in life.

Meditation Tips for Beginners

Meditation is a journey to inner peace that will give wonderful new changes in your life. This will help you achieve calmness and a higher level of self-awareness.

It will help you develop your career and private life. If you are just starting out, however, you should try to gather as much good information as you can about it.

Finding more information will help you perform this practice more efficiently. In this article, I will share some tips for beginners who want to begin with meditation.

  • Find the right meditation cushion or chair that will work comfortably for you. For beginners, comfort is very essential in order to achieve a peaceful mental state. Sitting in a very hard place will distract you, thus leading to a less focused meditation. You can buy a cushion or pillow which will help you sit in a relaxed position but any comfortable chair that helps you sit in an upright position is fine.
  • Stick with a specific time. Think of the time when you want to meditate and stick to it. Once your body gets used to this practice in your allotted time, you will find it more beneficial other than doing meditation only after several days. This is because a regular routine is formed by meditating in a specific time.
  • Use meditation music. You can find different sound or tunes that will aid soothe your mind such as sound from nature or classical music. There are also rhythms, vibrations or tones that will aid in accessing your inner peace. The best of these is the Holosync audio technology which places different tones and frequencies in each ear and slows the brain down into a deep meditative state regardless of what you are thinking about.
  • Meditate only when you’re not hungry. Having an empty stomach will not give you peace and it will distract you from performing meditation. However, don’t meditate within 30 minutes of your last meal.

These are some of the tips that will help start with your practice of meditation. You may also want to consider using a much faster approach such as the Holosync audio technology which places different tones and frequencies in each ear to slow the brain down regardless of what you’re thinking about.

Meditate in 5 Easy Steps

Meditation takes time and practice to be able to do it correctly and effectively especially if you are just trying for the first time. Because of today’s stressful living, people want to find ways on how to battle these negative vibes in their daily lives. We sometimes see ourselves questioning who we really are as we don’t recognize ourselves anymore when we are under too much stress or taking on too much work than we could handle.

Because of this, we lose inner peace which is what we should be giving much consideration to since we need it to have balance in our lives. And for us to be able to manage our lives better than how we used to, we have to start with an easy practice that we can regularly perform in spite of our busy schedule.

Even if you are a beginner, meditation should not be a difficult routine. You may have difficulty concentrating but if you do the right steps you’d be able to fidn a position that suits you. On the other hand, it may not be effective as we expect it to be if we don’t do it an effective way.

Read this list and I will show you how to meditate correctly in five easy steps.

  1. Meditate in the morning. It is better to meditate when you are wide awake and while everyone else is still sleeping. This allows you to practice meditation without any noise distraction. Early in the morning is the best time to meditate as it can get you prepared for your day ahead.
  2. Be in a comfortable sitting position. This does not need to be in a cross-legged position. Instead sit in a very comfortable position like sitting on a chair with your legs straight.
  3. Relax. This will help you start the routine as it is the initial approach to meditation. As soon as you are comfortable and relaxed, you will begin to feel that you are ready to meditate. This is often the point when your mind is going all over the place.
  4. Breathe deeply while meditating. This is the best style which has been created for performing meditation. It can empty your brain from all kinds of thought and will eventually prevent it from wandering.
  5. Discipline yourself to focus your mind’s eye on an object sich as a candle flame. When your mind wanders, simply accept that it is OK and bring your attention back to the flame. You cannot get into your spiritual way in one day. Keep on practicing meditation everyday if you want to pursue this and have peace of mind.

Your road to meditation is filled with discoveries which are yet to be unfolded. It’s a big mistake to rush your progress, so be patient.

FAQ’s About Meditation

What happens to a person who meditates?

Meditation helps a person relax and get into his meditative state that eventually makes him become more self-aware. This allows a person to relieve stress, anxiety and depression and sleep better.

Should I empty my mind?

You are not necessarily required to empty your mind from thoughts of the brain. Learn how to accept your thoughts by letting them to process. You will experience moments of solitude and silence as a result.

Should I concentrate?

Meditation is not the same as concentration but it is useful to focus your attention on an object in your mind’s eye such as a candle flame and when you mind wanders, gently bring it back to focus on the flame.

What is difficult about meditation?

Just like other practices that people are performing like yoga, tai-chi or other routines, meditation may also be difficult to perform at first. And same with other practices, people also have to practice meditation too in order to get the results that they expect. Eventually, you can get used to doing this activity but many people prefer to use the accelerated form of meditation called Holosync that makes meditation easy.

What if I have a busy schedule?

It is always better to meditate even for at least five minutes on a daily basis other than doing it for thirty minutes every month. What is important is that even if you do it for a short time on a regular basis you will form a positive habit and this will help you experience optimum results. What you get from this practice is more valuable than the amount of time you spend for it. Performing meditation even for a short time daily will help you achieve self-awareness that in the end will benefit you in many ways.

Do I have to rest still?

You need not to be perfectly still and not moving at all. Just sit in a very comfortable position that will help you relax and move if you want to.

When can I meditate?

It is advisable that you meditate early morning before the sun rises. As much as possible, meditate before everyone else at home wakes up. This will allow you to have a quiet time alone without any distractions from your surroundings.

Do meditation as short as five minutes so long that you perform it on daily basis. Be consistent and make some time for it.

My name is Bella and I am a weight loss retreat leader who runs retreats around the world. Often working alongside well-known retreat leader Sophie Jones. I lost 30 pounds and have kept it off by adopting a whole food, plant-based diet. My blog posts are about how I did it. Please note I am not a medical doctor and my advice is what has worked for me and my retreat clients, try it out, maybe it will work for you too! Contact me on:

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