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Why Opt For A Caesarean Delivery


The C-section (Caesarean surgery) is a surgical intervention for the pregnant women. Although in the past, the cesarean section was a procedure that was performed only when the natural birth was impossible or life threatening to the mother and child, today, the cesarean section has become more of a choice for the mothers who wish to avoid the pain or the complications that can occur during a natural birth.

In the U.S., the figures speak for themselves: from 1200 women who participated in a special survey, 59% said they chose to give birth by caesarean section, while only 49% opted for natural childbirth.

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Reasons For C-Sections

There are several reasons why your doctor may consider a caesarean section as the best option for the mother and child.

Placenta previa is the medical condition in which the placenta is placed so low in the womb that it blocks the child`s way out. In the third trimester of the pregnancy, 1 out of 200 women will have placenta previa. The treatment involves bed rest and continuous monitoring. Placenta previa can be total; case in which the medic will recommend a caesarean section or it can be partial; in this case, the choice is up to the mother.

Placenta abruptio is the separation of the placenta from the uterine wall, a condition that endangers the life of the fetus. Placenta abruptio is not very frequent, only 1% of pregnant women can be affected by this condition. Placenta abruptio is signaled by the bleeding from the fracture site and pain in the uterus. It affects the oxygen level reaching the fetus. Depending on the seriousness of the situation, the doctor can perform an emergency caesarean section.

The uterine rupture is another condition in which the c-section is recommended. In one out of 1500 cases, the uterus ruptures during pregnancy or labor affecting the fetal oxygen supply. The detachment of the umbilical cord from the placenta is another situation that requires a caesarean delivery

The C-section is also performed when the mother is unable to carry on through the labor because the cervix was not dilated enough; the labor stopped or the child is not in an optimal position for a natural birth.

Approximately 90% of the women who had their first child by caesarean section are the perfect candidates for a natural birth on the second pregnancy. However, before opting for a natural birth, consult your doctor because the women who are in this situation may suffer uterine rupture.

The cephalopelvic disproportion is another reason why your doctor will advise you to opt for a Caesarean birth. The cephalo-pelvic disproportion is the situation where the baby’s head is too big or the mother’s pelvis is too small for a natural childbirth.

If the mother suffers from genital herpes, a caesarean delivery will be performed to protect the fetus from this disease.

In the case of twins, depending on their weight and position, the natural birth is possible. If there are more than two babies, the caesarean delivery is the only option.

The caesarean section is recommended if the child suffers from birth defects or if the mother had diabetes during pregnancy.

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