Saturday, September 19, 2020

The Woman’s Heart – An Owner’s Guide Review


The Woman’s Heart – An Owner’s Guide supplies the pertinent information in the first step for helping women recognize heart disease and making the best possible choices in preventing heart disease, diagnosis and treatment.

About the Authors

The credit for this excellent book on women’s heart disease was written by two people.

John A. Elefteriades, MD is Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery and Professor of Surgery at Yale University School of Medicine.

Because heart disease in women is often dissimilar to that of men, our medical system has been guilty of under-recognition and substandard scientific investigation and clinical treatment of women’s heart disease.” ~ John A. Elefteriades, MD ~

Teresa Caulin-Glaser, MD is Director of Preventive Cardiology and Research, McConnell Heart Health Center, Clinical Associate Professor of Internal Medicine at Ohio State University.

About “The Woman’s Heart – An Owner’s Guide

I enjoyed reading this book, the illustrations and information are well done and it’s written in easy to understand terms versus the medical terminology that sometimes sounds rather scary!

From the very beginning of this book facts replace myths and the “Broken Heart Syndrome” is revealed as a very real phenomenon. However, the most important facts I have learned are related to the actual symptoms of a woman having a heart attack. The symptoms are completely different to what a man experiences, and completely different to the symptoms described in year’s past.

Topics included are:

  •     – The Broken Heart Syndrome
  •     – The Female Heart – discusses the how the female heart is different from a male heart and changes that are associated with pregnancy.
  •     – Diseases of the Heart – discusses Coronary Artery Disease, Mitral Valve Disease, Aortic Valve Disease, Irregular Hear Rhythms (women frequently have these) and the causes for Heart Muscle Failure.
  •     – Phases of a Woman’s Life: What are the Heart Risks? discusses The Honeymoon Period (under 45 years old), The Beginning of Change and Menopause (45 to 65 years old), Aging and the Female Heart (65 and older).
  •     – Are You A Woman At Risk For Heart Disease? – This discusses various things that impact your risk of heart disease such as age, ethnicity, family history, diabetes, obesity, smoking, and more.
  •     – How Do You Know If You Have A Heart Problem? This discusses a woman’s symptoms, risk factors, taking action against heart disease and rehabilitation.
  •     – The Heart of the Matter on Hormone Therapy and Oral Contraception discusses the effects of these two subjects.
  •     – Medication to Treat Heart Disease – this discusses the various medications… and it definitely explained to me what beta blockers, ACE Inhibitors, Statins, and other various terms I had heard used actually mean.
  •     – Herbal and Natural Supplements discusses the effectiveness and safety in various products such as Black Cohosh, Fish Oil, St. John’s Wort and many more.
  •     – Stress, Depression, and Anger discuss the emotional risk of heart attacks.
  •     – Cardiac Testing gives you the options for testing and which tests are the best.
  •     – Procedures and Surgery discusses angioplasty, valve surgery, and other procedures possible.
  •     – Genetics and the Female Heart discuss your genetic legacy.
  •     – Living with Heart Disease gives you options, lifestyle changes, getting support and accepting the diagnosis.
  •     – Nine More Things You Need to Know discusses various issues and concerns regarding effects from birth control, migraines and more.

I am very impressed with The Woman’s Heart: An Owner’s Guide It really is reaching out to women to help prevent heart disease and make you aware of the symptoms. This is your Owner’s Guide… and well worth exploring to maintain your good health.

Gloria Brown
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