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Women’s Hearing Problems


Most of us have a tendency to take our hearing pretty much for granted, but it is actually a very precious gift indeed.

An average young person will be able to hear sounds that range from approximately 20 to 20.000 Hz! So if you ever find yourself struggling to hear certain sounds or noises, it would be worth getting your ears checked straight away. This is because many hearing problems can be treated far more successfully if they are tackled in the early stages.

Of course, these hearing issues can affect both men and women, but in many ways females are at even greater risk.

The Problem of Tinnitus

A hormonal change or imbalance has been directly linked to tinnitus (ringing in the ears) in women. That is the main reason why so many ladies who are menopausal or have undergone a hysterectomy suffer from this infuriating affliction.

It has also been established that there is a connection between tinnitus and pregnancy, hormone replacement therapy as well as hormonal birth control methods.

Noise damage

Any exposure to continually loud noise can cause damage to our hearing. Men are most at risk from this simply because industries such as construction are predominantly male orientated. Excessive noise is one of the biggest causes of all when it comes to hearing problems.

Age and Sound Frequency

Age will affect everyone’s hearing ability to some degree, but there is also a distinct difference between the sexes…

According to research carried out at the University of Washington Medical Center, men will have a tendency to struggle with high frequency sounds as they get older whilst women will have problems with low frequency noise.


Being ‘deaf’ does not necessarily mean that a person is unable to hear anything at all. There are actually four different degrees of deafness; mild, moderate, severe and profound.

There are almost 9 million people in the United Kingdom alone who are deaf or hard of hearing and around 673,000 of these are classed as ‘severely’ or ‘profoundly’ deaf.

Life Expectancy

Women tend to live longer than men and so are far more likely to live to a greater age and therefore experience problems with hearing as they age.

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