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Women’s Success Plan


Each and every single one of us are seeking out ways to experience success in our lives. And while we may all have different ideas about what success means to us, we know what we mean by “success”.

For many, it is achieving a professional position within a certain type of career, for others it is developing a certain financial net worth.

For me, it is about identifying who I am as an individual and how my unique experiences and knowledge can benefit the life of another. In my time of attempting to achieve success, I have actually learned some basic skills and requirements that are necessary to do so.

Here, in the ultimate guide to experiencing success in life, I will be sharing with you some of the ways I have achieved success and expressing how you can do the same!

1. My Story About Success

Throughout my years growing up, I was the type of individual that excelled in academics, I was favored by my teachers and peers, and I was extremely competitive in nature.

I wanted to pursue the field of psychoneurobiological science immediately after I graduated high school. However, I often found that I lacked challenge in my life. This is basically because of the fact that I was associating success with academics.

I failed to realize that there was a much bigger world out there. I also had very little experience in the “school of life” if you will. I would soon make a choice that would immediately throw me into the “school of life”.

By the beginning of my senior year, I had established the fact that going to school and mastering in psychoneurobiological science would take hundreds of thousands of dollars, as well as a good majority of my life.

I had been involved in the police explorer program as a teenager, and decided to spend a little time exploring this. I decided to enroll in a technical school course the first three periods of my senior year called “Criminal Justice Assisting” in order to explore this career option for just a bit. I never expected to go anywhere with it.

I found that I breezed through this course. As a matter of fact, I graduated the highest in the class as well as class leader. I decided that I would pursue a career in law enforcement, so I applied to the nearest Criminal Justice Police Academy.

Once completing and acing the written test, the physical ability test, and my panel interview, I was accepted into the academy less than one year following graduation from high school. I quickly was thrown into the “school of life” and learned the underlying meaning and purpose of success.

The Criminal Justice Police Academy is not for the faint of heart – or mind. This school works to pull out your ultimate best in all situations. You are expected to succeed in every single area of your life when attending this school.

You are expected to remain calm and collective – in even the most stressful of situations. You are pushed to your limits physically and mentally.

There is no room or acceptance of failure.

You are to be successful, and any less is too much. I remember the day, literally, when I came face to face with myself. It was at that point that I had the strength, endurance, determination, and passion to do anything that I set my mind to.

I discovered the ultimate secret to success… we all can come face to face with ourselves. This means, in a nutshell, that you take who you THINK you are and compare it to what you CAN be.

Are you going to just float through life being what you are?

If you do, you will never be successful. You must pull out every ounce of who you can be.

This is when you experience true success. Just knowing that you have the potential to be GREAT is success in itself. If you believe this, you can achieve this.

You probably thought that I would load this down with tips and techniques to success, right?

Believe it or not, I did! I just did not do it in the way that you expected. To sum it up, remember these things:

  •     Consistently challenge yourself.
  •     Try out new things.
  •     Explore all of your options.
  •     Allow yourself to experience.
  •     Do not settle on just being.
  •     Push yourself mentally and physically.
  •     Endure in every situation.
  •     Remember, there is no room for failure.
  •     Take pride in your accomplishments.
  •     Remember, that you have the ability to be and do whatever you put your mind to.

2. Time Management Skills

Personal and professional time management skills are an essential when it comes to being both efficient and effective.

Time management skills are essential to making every minute count! Individuals who implement the use of time management techniques in their life are often the individuals who often experience a high level of achievement in their life.

You will find that these people are successful in their personal, social, spiritual, and professional lives. Even when an immediate threat of immense pressure is present, the people who have discovered the secrets behind effective time management continue to perform with an exceptional effort.

You can too!

Just as with any skill, there is a secret ingredient that must be put into play in order to achieve effectiveness when it comes to time management skills.

Many individuals feel as if time management is the process of staying busy.

This is an incorrect assumption.

Your focus when it comes to time management should be in the area of results – not simply staying busy.

Believe it or not, when you engage in time management practices, it is all about concentrating your efforts where they are most important.

Many individuals can remain busy all day, but if there is little to no effort involved when it comes to concentrating on tasks that need to be done, then you will find that your accomplishments are very limited.

The Pareto Principle

The Pareto Principle is most commonly referred to as the 80:20 Rule.

This is a very important principle to consider when it comes to time management. This basically states that 20% results are a result of 80% of unfocused effort.

Then, in turn, if a person focuses at least 20% of the time that they spend working on a project, they will achieve 80% of the results that are accomplished.

Many successful individuals who are really efficient when it comes to time management have mastered the ability to focus their efforts as appropriate.

As a result, their efforts actually result in more productivity overall.

Setting Priorities

One of the most powerful processes when it comes to time management skills is the ability to set priorities. This is actually the same thing as setting goals for that in which you want to accomplish when it comes to managing your time.

The best way to prioritize your time is by considering that which you want to accomplish in your life – on a short term basis, as well as a long term basis. This will allow you to determine how you want to focus your overall efforts so that you maximize your efficiency. As you work to identify distractions, become familiar with what it is that you truly want, and set priorities, you will find that your time is spent wisely and your confidence increases.

How to Set Time Management Goals

When it comes to setting time management goals, it is important to do so based on the following considerations:

  1. You must decide what it important to you when it comes to the things that you want to achieve in life.
  2. Once you decide what is important when it comes to achievement, you must then separate those things from those that are actually considered irrelevant.
  3. It is important for you to take a realistic view when it comes to things that distract you in life.
  4. You must develop ways that you can motivate yourself while working to adhere to the goals that you have when it comes to time management skills.
  5. As you start to achieve your time management goals, it is essential that you work on allowing yourself to become motivated and develop that self-confidence.

Time management is the process in which you overcome the misconception that managing your time means staying as busy as possible.

It is the process in which you work to learn how to focus your efforts. This is made possible by deciding where it is that you need to focus your efforts, and then setting goals to ensure that the focus you require remains intact.

As you continue to do this, your motivation will increase, and your time will be managed efficiently. In the end, you will be more motivated and experience a higher level of self-confidence overall.

3. ABCs of Motivation

Motivation is a unique drive that each individual experiences to some degree.

There are many different methods in which an individual can acquire, maintain, and optimize motivation.

I will be introducing you to the ABC’s of Motivation.

The following outlines effective measures to outlining your success on the path to discovering YOUR motivation in life.

  • Achieve – It is essential that you strive to achieve on a daily basis. It is equally important to ensure that you use positive means to achieve those things in which you are interested in throughout life.
  • Believe – Without an appropriate belief system, there is little room for motivation. Belief allows us to strive, strive allows us to succeed.
  • Consideration – Considering that which is right, just, and appropriate for you is an essential means of success when it comes to motivation.
  • Don’t – It is important that you avoid giving up. Do not give in to the inability to perform as you expect yourself to. Pick yourself up and try again!
  • Enjoyment – In order to be motivated, it is important to do those things that bring you enjoyment.
  • Focus – If you want to succeed in motivation, it is important to ensure that you retain your focus on the goals at hand.
  • Give – Giving to yourself, your work, and those around you are all effective means of achieving the ABCs of motivation.
  • Heart – In order to experience motivation, it is essential to put all of your heart into it. If you can do this, you will experience success in your endeavors.
  • Indulge – If you are attempting to achieve happiness in life through being motivated, it is important that you allow yourself to indulge in activities and thoughts that bring you happiness.
  • Joy – Do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to experience joy. If you do, you will find that it will be difficult to be motivated.
  • Keeping On – The next step in the ABCs of motivation is keeping on. If you fall, pick yourself up and keep going! Be your own light, and shine it on the path that you want to take!
  • Love – If you are looking for motivation, learn to love yourself. Learn to love others. It is then that you will feel love as well!
  • Mastery – Remember, you must be a master to achieve mastery in motivation. Know and understand that only you can be who you are. If you keep this in mind, you are sure to succeed in your path to enlightenment!
  • Notice – Take notice of the things around you. Be sure to notice everything that can bring you happiness.
  • Open – Be open to all possibilities!
  • Positive – Remain positive – even in light of the negative.
  • Quit – Remove the word quit completely from your vocabulary and life.
  • Ready – Be ready and willing for the impossible.
  • Success – Aim for success each and every single day.

Time Management – Be certain to manage your time effectively – even when you feel as if you have none to spare. Remember, it is important to maintain focus and enjoy your accomplishments.

  • Understanding – Seek to gain an understanding of everything around you!
  • Will Power – Remember, will power to become motivated and do what it takes to get there is important.
  • X Factor – This defines your own uniqueness.
  • Zero Tolerance – Have zero tolerance for failure. If you do fail, think of it as a more creative means to success.

By following the ABC’s of motivation, you can succeed on the road to success!

4. The Power of Adversity

For many challenges and adversity have come up in their lives and often treated as a curse. Well let me tell you, adversity is actually a blessing!

The Power of Adversity shows you how tough times can make you stronger, wiser, and better.

Written by Al Weatherhead with Fred Feldman, this philanthropist and business leader shows how your mindset can help you succeed and presents a blueprint to help you accomplish your own success.

The author’s own battles and adversities were painful and destructive. He was removed from his family business at a very young age, he lost his infant son, he had two failed marriages, and he was an alcoholic. His health was deteriorating as he had cardiovascular disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

Al’s statement is a very powerful one:

“Eventually I came to see adversities for what they were, blessings in disguise. I learned to leverage these to make me a stronger, wiser, more loving, and creative human being.”

The book “The Power of Adversity” breaks down the positive and powerful techniques in easy to read and understand sections.

Attitude and the Mind
Thinking positive with the right imagery ensures your battle is all but won.

Meditation: The Art of Letting Go
Meditation daily will rejuvenate and rebuild you. You’ll understand that adversity is another name for the series of choices called life.

Reaching out and sharing with others helps you resolve your problems.

Sharing – NOT Managing
Love doesn’t command control, extending and sharing your innermost self reveals solutions you would never see on your own.

Does it work?

Al Weatherhead, author of The Power of Adversity, is living proof it does. He is professionally and personally successful. He built a multimillion dollar manufacturing company that allows him to contribute to universities, hospitals, and charities. He has found love and remarried, and he is the proud father of three children. He has overcome depression, illness, and reconciled his relationship with his dad.

Now he tells all so you can find the solutions to your adversities in life!

Loretta works with clients dealing with stress in their lives. Through the use of stress management techniques and practical methods, Loretta has helped many overcome stress and live healthier, happy lives. loretta@cleanseplan.com

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