Friday, January 15, 2021

Women’s Weight Lifting: Beginners Plan


Weights are usually lifted by men to lose weight, tone up their muscles and to get a body that looks fit and in shape. But what about women? Can we benefit from this exercise too?

Women generally avoid lifting weights, but, today, some women have discovered the truth and started to take to the weight room more and more. There are no dangers in lifting weights, but, as mentioned earlier, it should be done with the trainer’s guidance and with the trainer monitoring the weight lifting process.

The benefits of weight lifting for women:

Weight lifting is a great way to increase lean muscle mass, while simultaneously shedding excess fat. What’s more, lifting weights increases your metabolism which burns fat faster. Plus, because training with weights causes small microfiber tears in the muscle, your body takes 2 or 3 days recovering and rebuilding. In this time, your body is burning more calories due to the additional energy needed to repair the muscle tissue. This means you’re still burning fat up to 3 days after your workout!

Strength training isn’t just for guys! It’s a form of resistance which requires your muscles to exert against a force such as weights. It’s the fastest way to improve muscle strength and endurance.

Muscle mass diminishes with age. If you don’t do anything to replace the muscle you’re losing, it will increase fat.

You don’t need to spend hours each day lifting weights to get the benefits.

Two or three sessions each week at 20 to 30 minutes are sufficient to improve your fitness and stamina.

Use it or Lose it!

Strength Training can preserve and enhance your muscle mass, regardless of your age!

Health Benefits of Strength Training

 Increases your strength up to 60% within 6 months of regular training
 Increases lean muscle mass
 Shapes and strengthens muscles fibers which minimizes the fatty marbling tissue
 Increases range of motion
 Promotes bone density
 Controls body fat
 Reduces risk of injuries
 Increases your self confidence
 Improves contractile properties of muscles
 Increases structural stability
 Increases your basal metabolic rate

Getting Started Tips

  Always warm up before starting.
  Stretch to increase muscle suppleness.
  Start gradually and work your way up.
  Listen to your body, don’t drive yourself into physical exertion.
  “No Pain, No Gain” is NOT true. Starting a workout program, your body can get sore, but there should be no pain.
  You don’t workout every day. Your muscles need to rest at least a day in between workouts.

Strength Training Techniques

 Good body alignment is important. While standing your feet should be shoulder width apart with your knees slightly bent. Your movements should be slow and controlled.
 Good breathing techniques are essential. Never hold your breath. Inhale at the beginning of the lift and exhale during the release of each weight.
 You can sit or stand while participating in strength training.
 Never use a weight that’s too heavy that you cannot lift for 8 repetitions per set.
 Start with a light weight to warm up. Increase the weight somewhat with the second and third sets.
 Do two to three different exercises for each body part to work the muscle in the group effectively.
 A set consists of 8 to 12 repetitions per set.
 Do not work out with weights more than 3 times a week.
 Workout time shouldn’t exceed 30 to 40 minutes.

Other resistant exercises you can do are push-ups, ab crunches and leg squats and thrusts.

Try this weight lifting workout to get you started:

We’ve all been told that women can’t lift weights and still lose weight. We’ll get bulky, look big and will actually go up in size. And while many women have heard that this idea is a myth, they aren’t really sure why, and that uncertainty makes them reluctant to hit the gym and lift. But by not lifting, women are missing a valuable component to their exercise regime, one that actually makes losing weight and looking thin easier. So let’s crush this fitness myth once and for all. Why is it a myth that women can’t lift?

The idea goes that when you lift weights, the fibers in your muscles actually accumulate small, microscopic tears. When your body goes to repair these tears, it fills in the damage with extra muscle tissue, and over time, causes the muscle to grow and bulk. And while this process does happen to women when they lift, it just doesn’t create bulk. The bulky, beast-like muscles you see on guys at the gym comes from the acceleration of this muscle building process that comes from excess testosterone in the system. Women just don’t have enough testosterone in their systems for rapid muscle growth to occur (unless they’re taking steroids). Instead women will see tightened, toned and leaner looking muscles from lifting, which is the result that women who exercise are after.

But lifting goes beyond just making muscles look more toned and defined. By adding more muscle mass to your overall body composition, you’re actually making your body a more efficient calorie burning machine and increasing your metabolism. Muscle tissue burns more calories and fat per hour than fatty tissue does, even when the body’s at rest. So if you lift weights and turn some of your body’s fat into muscle, even when you’re sitting on the couch flipping channels, your body is burning more calories than it was when you started lifting. And that can lead to even more weight loss.

So ladies, how much should you be lifting to get toned muscles and a revved up metabolism? Ideally a women who has never lifted weights should start with 2-3 sessions of 25-35 minutes per week, and will focus on total body strength and conditioning. Choose weights that are heavy enough to cause fatigue by the end of the set (typically 8-15 reps of a single exercise) but don’t cause unnecessary strain or pain in the joints.

Try including exercises for the upper and lower extremities as well as the core for best results. Exercises that combine more than one area, like medicine ball lunges with an upper body twist or free weight squats with a bicep curl, are also great to get more work done more efficiently. As you progress, you can add more weights and more diverse exercises to keep your body challenged. And just keep in mind that even if you go up in weight on a particular exercise, that won’t cause you to bulk, you’ll just get more toned.

Lifting weights is one of the best things any women can do to improve her overall fitness level and appearance. And no matter what those pesky myths out there try to tell you about getting bulky, unless you’re taking testosterone shots, you won’t get big. Instead your body composition will change from mostly fat to mostly muscle, and that will leave you with a rockin’ body. So let’s hit the gym with the boys and show them that girls can lift too.


  1. Tim

    When using a leg extension machine to strengthen quadriceps, make sure you set the machine so that you do not sit too far forward which puts stress on your knees or sit too far back which can put stress on your back. If you don’t get the right feel of it, ask a trainer to help you find the correct setting for your height.

  2. Irma

    We can definitely lift weights! So silly to think it is only for men, women can lift weights and it makes us look and feel amazing! LIFT FOR LIFE.

  3. Lucy Huff

    i think i will start a weight lifting plan because after all the BS you read about how it makes your arms big or legs thick, then you look at the women who have been lifting weights and they look AMAZING.
    I actually think that weight lifting is a way for women to get in shape a lot faster than any other that I know.

  4. SFx

    Basically it comes down to “if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.” It really dendpes on your body type to determine whats best for you to personally gain muscle. Personally, I found it difficult to gain muscle until I started taking supplements. Protein powder is essential, so start there as a staple and try experimenting with different supplements. I’m currently take NO Explode (a mix of cretine, nitric oxide and caffine) before I work out. The theory behind it is it allows you to work out longer and lift heavier weights which results in more muscle mass. After the work out I take protein powder it helps with the rebuilding of muscles after a workout. They say you’re supposed to intake 1 gram of protein for every pound you weigh. So if you weigh 160 lbs, then you should be taking in 160 grams of protein, daily. That’s very hard to achieve naturally. Naturally you do have to go to the gym in addition to taking anything. No getting around that.Btw mono-creatine is what bloats the muscle through water retension. There are other types that do not.

  5. Vicky

    Recently I added lifting to my workout routine; added weights to my squats and 10 pound dumbbells , We have a love/hate relationship so far, yeah it’s super painful, (my arms felt numb) at some point, but It felt good to finally start working on my baby “bat wings”. Keep lifting ladies!

  6. Haley

    This is definitely something a lot of girls (including myself) worry about when they think about weight training. I mean look at Serena Williams. She is very big and bulky to me and she supposedly does not take steroids. It seems like every time I workout for a couple months I end up stopping because I start getting paranoid that I am getting bulky.

  7. Jenifer

    Its been long am planning to be lifting weight, but my husband didn’t welcome the idea he thinks am gonna be like him, thanks so much for these article, i will refer him to these article to view so he can allow me…!

  8. Linda

    I’m gonna have to start lifting weights now! I’ve been working out most of my life but have always stuck to cardio. Many women think that lifting weights will make them huge like men, and even I thought that for a while, but that’s not the case. Hopefully this will help me tone up more.

  9. Kelsey, r.j

    Weight lifting has totally transformed my body into a fat burning powerhouse. I love what it’s done for me and wish I had started lifting sooner.

  10. Vivian

    Lifting weights is great for muscles building and fat loss. I recommend it to all of my clients. I’m particularly partial to crossfitters. While I don’t do it myself, their passion for lifting is amazing. Check out the tumblr gifs of female crossfitters women doing dead lifts and power cleans.

  11. Emma M

    I already knew about this being a myth but if I could get it out there, good and loud, I would. I hate that a woman touching weights gets told “Be careful, don’t get too big!”.
    Every single time I have to say,” Not going to happen unless I start injecting testosterone!”.
    I have seen the gorgeous and fit results of women doing weights and it’s all good!

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