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Women’s Workout & Fitness Tips


I know there are many fitness women out there that want to get in shape but are intimidated by all the things they need to learn, going to the gym and not knowing how to get results.

Physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Achieving overall physical health requires work on your part and above all, commitment.

The Pros will always outweigh the Cons when it comes to a healthy diet and healthy exercise habits though, which is why it’s time to get started!

The Benefits of Exercise

Exercise can help you feel better, have more energy and live longer!

It’s no secret that being overweight or obese leads to serious health problems.

It’s in the news every day and the statistics show an alarming increase in obesity.

Obesity and overweight issues can be controlled by a healthy diet and exercise.

Millions of people endure diseases that can be improved and averted through physical activity.

Statistics show in the USA alone:

  • Heart disease affects over 13 million people.
  • More than 1.5 million people are victims of heart attacks each year.
  • Colon cancer is diagnosed in over 90,000 people yearly.
  • More than 1.5 million bone fractures happen each year.

Research has proven without a doubt that a healthy diet and exercise reduces the risk of health related diseases. Exercise adds longevity and health to your life. Even small improvements in your physical fitness lower the risk of disease.

Health Benefits of Exercise

Breast Cancer
Researchers are finding links between stomach fat and breast cancer. Women who are overweight and have excess fat stored in their stomachs have higher estrogen levels. Breast cancer stems from excess estrogen production in the body.

Aerobic fitness is having significant benefits for people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Moderate workouts improve insulin sensitivity.

Exercise helps reduce pain and stiffness, it increases flexibility, muscle strength, endurance, and well being. The best work out would be range of motion, strengthening (or resistance), and aerobics.

Exercise is important to slow the growth of osteoporosis. Weight bearing work outs apply tension to muscle and bone and increases bone density. Elderly people benefit most from long walks.

Heart Disease
Inactivity is one of the four main risk factors for heart disease. Physical activity benefits the heart, helps reduce blood pressure and decreases the chances of stroke and heart failure. If you have heart problems, the type of physical activity you do should be discussed with your doctor.

Exercising and stretching keep your joints and tendons flexible making it easier for you to get around.

Weight Loss
Exercise burns calories. If your caloric intake is consistent, working out will help you lose weight. Undertaking a good fitness program needs to be a lifestyle change.

Psychological and Emotional Benefits of Exercise
Exercise drastically improves our mental vitality. It helps reduce stress and emotional strain. Certain types of aerobics and yoga are very helpful to reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Back Problems
Being inactive, overweight, obese, and having poor posture can cause lower back pain. Certain fitness plans such as Yoga are beneficial in stretching and giving your back muscles more flexibility.

Varicose Veins
Excess stomach fat weighs down the veins in your legs. This causes the blood flow to slow down. Veins act as a one way valve to prevent the blood from flowing backwards.

Exercise Plan

A good exercise plan can strengthen your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It promotes healthy and strong bones and muscles. It promotes mental health, giving you great self esteem and confidence. It’s a great aid for stress relief, anger and insomnia.

Weight Training

We are all impacted by stress. However, if you understand the best type of exercise for you, you can reduce stress with exercise. The strength and endurance gains of a regular exercise plan make daily tasks easier. Running errands, grocery shopping or cleaning up your yard are all much more doable when you “feel good!”

Exercise isn’t a one stop shopping zone and one size doesn’t fit all. The fitness women of this world are all different ages, sizes and with different health issues or concerns.

You need a rounded exercise training routine that has all of the elements of good health regardless of where you choose to workout.

Pilates is one of the fastest growing exercises. It’s associated a lot with Yoga, but it does have many differences and is definitely worthwhile learning. You can view our Beginners Guide to Pilates here.

And if you are a mom-to-be… Prenatal Pilates is an exceptional way to stay toned during your pregnancy and get in shape faster after your pregnancy.

Aerobic-fitness increases the body’s ability to use oxygen. It’s also good for your heart and lungs. To achieve good aerobic capacity, do activities that you like, but that will get your heart pumping such as step aerobics or good brisk walking.

Anaerobic exercise does not require large amounts of oxygen because the activity itself is very brief and intense. Because of this, instead of using oxygen, the muscles use glycogen.

Flexibility allows your joints to move through their full range of motion. Stretching is a very beneficial exercise and should be included in your aerobic exercise. Yoga also offers flexibility and improves your mental well-being through meditation.

Muscular well being is the strength and endurance of your muscles. Strength training improves your muscular well being as well as increases your body’s lean muscle mass, a great plus for weight loss.

The world of martial arts is exploding – more and more people are taking the plunge to learn this great technique. Martial arts training comes in many different forms and you can learn tae kwan do as well as many others.

If you’re unsure which exercise program you should choose to start, an online personal trainer may be your solution. With the right trainer, you’ll get an exercise plan and nutrition plan customized to fit your special needs and wants.

Keep your legs toned and fit. Leg Exercises gives you great exercises for your legs that you can do practically anywhere and anytime.

Running is another great way to get fit, find out about why you should do in early in the morning!

Fitness-apparel can be just as important as your workout. Make sure you’re dressed comfortable and wear tennis shoes that give you good support.

Workout Videos

Work out videos are a great way to keep in shape when you don’t have time or money for a gym. So if you prefer exercising at home, view these samples to see which exercise routines will best serve you.

For Yoga Lovers

Derived from the word Sanskrit which means to yoke or bring together the mind, body, and spirit, Yoga has become one of the most popular work outs.

It’s easy to learn and requires little or no equipment. It’s excellent for toning your body as well as improving your mental fitness through meditation.

Yoga is excellent for the entire family and kids love it too!

QiGong and T’ai Chi

QiGong and T’ai Chi are ancient practices that not only exercise your body, but also work with your mental fitness through meditation.

Traditional Chinese QiGong exercises are for health. Hundreds of Qigong exercises are practiced in China today. Each sequence helps to cultivate the flow of qi (life force energy) throughout your body. With practice you will begin to discover a sense of tranquility and harmony within yourself.

T’ai Chi Ch’uan is an ancient form of Chinese exercise. It is performed as a slow moving dance and combines gentle physical exercise and relaxation. As you practice it you will learn to center your mind, calm your body, and energize your spirit.


Pilates enhances your body alignment, strengthens your back, abs, and muscles, and it stretches your body while it strengthens and relaxes you.

It targets your core and gives you flexibility and strength. It’s more dynamic than yoga and an excellent work out.

The Firm (Total Body TransFIRMation System)

The Firm workout varies in intensity level throughout. The peaks and valleys of effort are the basis of interval training. The exercises are sequenced so you alternate between lower and upper body moves.

You’ll use variable resistance so that you sculpt your muscles with just the right size weights.

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