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Work Stress


Have you ever wondered why you can feel so stress at work? And what are the two main types of stress when working? And how can we all deal better with work related stress?

For the First type of stress, it can be because of the stress that you undergo while you are on the job. This is not always bad and is sometimes referred to as “eustress” which is the opposite of “distress”. It literally means the positive stress that drives you to complete that project on time.

For the Second types of stress however, what we are talking about is the emotion of stress (or “distress”) at work. Feeling stressed out by the work in a negative way and that leading to poor performance.

Undergoing work related stress can harm your physical health as well as your mental well-being.

When dealing with any problem, you have to look at the root cause so that you will be able for find a long-term solution.

There are numerous possible causes for having stress in the workplace.

Employees and managers alike are usually given deadlines that are totally unrealistic in order to meet near-impossible goals.

Competitive, fast-paced business can be both fun and invigorating. However, when intermediate goals such as optimizing work flow, improving sales or enhancing communication do not serve valid business ends, resentment is often the end product.

You can also add to the mix the uncooperative worker or the demanding and unreasonable boss.

In both large and small companies, you will find disrespectful and poorly qualified leaders. They are too interested in kissing up to their manager rather than improving productivity and getting the job done.

Two factors are usually given when people are asked why they experience work related stress.

These are unfair managers and misdirected goals.

The reason for this stress is that people feel that they experience a loss of control over their lives.

There are a lot of people who have well-developed problem solving skills:

  • Women who juggle career along with being mothers know how to manage their time. They are able to multi-task demands and come up with innovative solutions.
  • These skills are practiced every day while at home. The working mother is also more keenly aware as to how to go about settling disputes among individuals.

Some people may be partly right and partly wrong.

  • Men, also, have a great deal of expertise in responding to complaints, prioritizing resource expenditures and deciding when it is time to push and when compromise must come into play.
  • These skills are likewise practiced at home each day.

The workplace fails to mirror a person’s freedom to use their cognitive skills and the power to come to a workable solution which results in stress in the workplace.

Goals come from the hierarchy and there is little debate allowed. People who are employed in workplaces such as these experience obligations without authority and this is guaranteed work related stress.

One of the most cited reasons for having stress in the workplace comes down to this – demands are made but there are no resources with which to meet them.

When a person is placed in a conflict that cannot be resolved, the inevitable result is stress.

Some businesses are starting to recognize this, and are making an effort to change. With any luck, you may be fortunate enough to be employed by one of these.

Here’s How to Deal with Work Related Stress

If you are placed in an almost impossible situation, this is certainly to lead to stress. Many times you may be give unrealistic deadlines to meet useless goals.

To top it off, you have an unreasonable manager breathing down your neck. This is all too common in the workplace.

However, people who find themselves in this kind of a situation still have options.

There are a variety of small stress activities and exercises that can help alleviate the stress symptoms while you work toward a long-term cure.

Stress produces numerous physiological effects such as shallow breathing, muscle tension and a compromised immune system. You can take direct action to counteract these effects.

Stress Activities and Stress Exercises

Start by breathing deeply. There is no need to enter a Zen state. Simply allow your chest to expand so that tension is relieved around the center of your body.

Next, stretch your arms and shoulders. Gently rotate your head from one side to the other, and then flex your calves.

Take some time to work on your mental processes as well. When you are under a lot of stress, you cannot focus or concentrate effectively.

You memory retention is decreased because you are more aware of being angry than you are with the task at hand.

As you breathe deeply, close your eyes and try to meditate for a few moments.

You do not have to perform any deep relaxation techniques, but simply allow the external world go by.

Try not to focus on the stress or the anger you are feeling.

Focus on something pleasant that you have experienced– the family dog, your child’s face, a great golf swing or anything that works for you.

After you have tackled the symptoms, try to find the root of the problem.

Many people choose to start their own business. This choice brings challenges that are new and different but you have the overall benefit of having the freedom to meet them.

You will find that you may have to work long hours and will gain little recognition. However, you do have a very big internal reward.

You have the satisfaction that you are the commander of your own ship. That is the major incentive that pushes many people to keep trying.

Other people will try to work for positive change within their current place of employment.

Even if you only partially succeed, you will get the satisfaction of knowing that you are not just sitting back and accepting your unpleasant fate passively.

You can also try to transfer to another job within your workplace, or you can look forward to that time when your unreasonable boss moves on.

Remember that not many things stay the same in a company for more than six months to a year.

As you wait for better circumstances, focus on the process rather than the results. Be realistic about the things you can and cannot control.

Do not overly concern yourself with the latter. Befriend cooperative individuals within your place of business, and try not to burden yourself with changing others.

It is all right to let off some steam to family members and trusted friends outside of your workplace. When you are at work, however, you must stay focused on the task at hand.

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Loretta works with clients dealing with stress in their lives. Through the use of stress management techniques and practical methods, Loretta has helped many overcome stress and live healthier, happy lives.

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