Friday, August 7, 2020



So the great flights we used to have from US to India are now ending with the Wow Air flights coming to a close.

It used to be the case that for our yoga and wellness retreats we would suggest and highly recommend that guests book with WOW Air because they were the cheapest flights.

However now with WOW Air closing up their business we will be looking for new recommended carriers for clients booking a retreat.

It’s particularly a shame because Sophie Jones and I had planned a retreat in Spain and Wow Air had been advertising “its lowest airfare ever with $49 flights to Europe”!

In any case we shall likely be working with a new airline for all of our vacations from now on. We will be releasing more information on this shortly yet we wanted you to know that all Wow Air flights have been cancelled.

So if you had booked a retreat vacation with us through this carrier then you shall need to be making new plans for your trip.

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