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Yin to Yang of Chewing (Macrobiotics)


Our teeth are made for grinding down food. The more it’s ground down, the less digestive energy is needed to absorb it. This amounts to a big savings on the digestive vessel. There are 32 teeth and 32 vertebrae and added together make 64, which is the number of hexagrams in the I Ching that come from the biological basis. The more you chew, there is more pressure per square inch as the food gets finer (@500 lbs/square inch when your food is well chewed). When you don’t chew your food, you can’t generate as much pressure because of the foods’ larger surface area.

Every time you chew each tooth stimulates a vertebrae. In other words, the whole nervous system via the vertebrae is greatly stimulated by the pressure. This pressure strongly activates the circulatory system as well, due to the muscular activity in moving the jawbone. Fifteen pairs of muscles are attached to the jaw. Therefore, three major systems (digestive, nervous, and circulatory) are greatly enhanced by more chewing. The more you chew, the more the food is mixed with saliva.

Saliva has lots of antibacterial properties. Streptococcus, staphtococcus, and the Aids virus can’t live in saliva. There are a few that can, but if you chew well you’re much less likely to get an infectious disease. Eating uncooked lettuce or other raw foods where bugs, bacteria, or viruses can be present may cause some people to get sick. If you’re saliva is in good order and you chew well, you break the particles down so that those bacteria are attracted to the saliva’s white blood cells and part of your immune system.

There are six glands for saliva, some are more yang and some are more yin. Ptyalin is an active, digestive enzyme produced by the Parotid glands (under the ears on both sides, larger than the other glands and produce the most saliva) which breaks down the carbohydrates into simple sugar which converts to glucose. The stomach cannot do this by itself. Parotin, also excreted during chewing from the Parotid Gland, but in lesser quantities, stimulates cell metabolism and results in renewing the whole body (Muramoto).

Ptyalin stimulates the tonsils to send a signal to the thymus to produce more natural killer T cells. This was discovered 12 years ago by Noboru Muramoto. They did studies in Japan saying that the more you chew, the more the ptyalin stimulates the tonsils to send a signal to the thymus to produce a mature, stronger killer T cell. So for somebody with cancer where killer T cells can attack the cancer cells, lots of chewing is very, very important. If you don’t have your tonsils, go to the dentist and ask him to look. 25% of the time they regenerate. If you don’t have them, there are other mechanisms. You can activate the immune system other ways. This progression is ptyalin to tonsils to thymus to natural killer T cells.

 Chewing involves a stationary upper jaw (Superior maxillary bone) and a moving lower jaw (Inferior maxillary bone) that hinge in front of the ears. The more you chew, the more blood is drawn to the muscles. Blood has iron which is magnetic resulting in a current of energy going from hinge muscle to hinge muscle around and through your head. Chewing develops these energy paths through the hinge. There are three meridian points here which also get stimulated. Call it ear stimulation leading to energized currents.

Other energy from the heavens comes down via the spiral through the center of the head and hits the uvula (the piece of skin hanging from the roof of the mouth). This creates positive (yang) energy that builds up in the uvula. Through your feet form the earth, negative energy (yin) spirals up and collects in the tongue. You have the uvula, positive energy, the tongue negative energy. The more you chew, your saliva develops a more mineral base and minerals conduct electricity. The more liquid the saliva, the better conductor it is. You get this energy between the Earth’s force coming up and the Heaven’s force going down which stops at the tongue.

One spiritual practice puts the tongue on the roof of the mouth to complete that circuit. Another is to chew food until it becomes liquid and as this energy from Heaven and Earth builds up at the uvula and tongue, it energizes the food and after the food becomes liquid and the saliva has a mineral base, it acts like a battery and holds the energy. This is free energy. Increased energy. The result is energy from the spiral crossing with the energy between the ears.

At this meeting point right in the middle of the head is the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland. The Pituitary Gland picks up this incredible energy. It’s the master of the hormone that controls all of the functions of the thyroid, pancreas secretion, adrenal cortex, and sex organs. The uvula/tongue relationship crossing with the line between the ears need to be spiritual. The Pituitary is the master dispenser of hormones (there are many other places in the body that hormones originate) so we have involved the circulatory system, nervous system, all the digestive organs (the pancreas produces more digestive juice, the liver sends more bile to the duodenum, and so on), immune system, charged energy is stimulated, and then you’ve got the hormonal system. Hormones are energized colloidal suspension liquids. Highly energized colloidal suspensions. So by chewing you give them a new current from two different directions where they meet and cross. This is something like lightening and sex where two energies come together through the same process. In the first example, you have a cloud and you have the earth. The cloud fills up with positive energy and then the earth fills up with negative energy with the attraction between resulting in lightening. The same energy is going on as is in chewing and digestion.

The heaven’s force builds up just like it builds up in a cloud, pouring down towards the earth force builds up from the earth and the result is lightening. You get the same kind of energy lightening bolt going between. In the second, when a man and woman make love in the more traditional way, man’s head is up to send the energy through the spiral through the uvula and then out the genitals. And the woman’s head down in which case the energy from the earth goes up the same pathway and out through the genitals. A higher spiritual level of body is the wave so a waving motion is going on along with this and, hopefully, other spiritual things like heat develops, polarity increases, energy levels increase and then suddenly you have another form of lightening. Orgasm. A bolt of lightening after which everything is cleared. Calm feeling and relaxation. Chewing is exactly the same thing as lightening orgasms going on. If you chew, maybe not at first but after awhile, it will become that kind of energy, that kind of feeling because all your systems will be activated; your master hormone system, your nervous system, your digestive system, spine, etc.. So when someone who has cancer is told to chew well 150 times or 200 times and they say they can’t do that, they don’t see the spiritual implications for the immune system and all the other systems which start to come into harmony. Chewing is pretty sexy stuff.

Sophie Jones
Sophie Jones leads detox and weight loss retreats around the world from Bali to Costa Rica and many more places in between. Join her on her quest to help her clients lose weight, fully detoxify and begin a new healthy lifestyle.

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