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Yoga Intro + 5 Easy Yoga Positions for Losing Weight


It does not matter what level of fitness you are at or what ability you have anyone can practice this ancient discipline of Yoga.  It is a great way to improve and maintain good health. The original aim focused on spiritual training to create harmony between the body, mind and spirit. It works for more than just strengthening the body, but the whole person.


The History of Yoga

The Indian sage Patanjali wrote a text called the Yoga Sutras over 2000 years ago. This has become the foundation for the philosophy.  In this text he described an eight-fold path to enlightenment, how we can transform ourselves through the practice of ethics and living a moral life. By gaining more control over our mind and emotions and the ability to overcome obstacles to self realization. It is believed at the highest level we can rise above human consciousness and become one with the universe.

Benefits of Yoga

The benefits of this practice are not limited to physical.  All postures taught in the various ways of study are tools that are used to unite the body, nerves, mind, inner self and consciousness into harmonious existence. Some methods include the practice of meditation called dhyana. Breathing exercise, (pranayama) are focal and correct alignment and attention to detail of physical postures (asanas) improve concentration and self awareness. When you have acquired the discipline to perform the perfect alignment of the body, you are not only using your muscles but also your mind is sharp and focused. Yoga can benefit many aspects of your life from your mood to your posture and impact your sense of peace and well being.

Which Yoga is right for you?

Only you can determine which type of yoga is best for you.  Keep in mind that all types are adaptable to the students’ physical abilities.  Knowing this, you just need to decide which style fits with your psychological and physical goals.  Some styles hold postures longer focusing on body alignment and some are more of a fast pace, moving through the postures with a quick rhythm. Visiting some local classes in your area can give you insight to what is most important to your needs.  It is beneficial to find a good teacher to begin your practice, someone you can relate to, feel comfortable with and who will make your experience enjoyable.

After you have learned some postures and your instructor has helped you to adapt them for your body you may want to practice them at home.  They teach sequences that work for different parts of your body.  Once you have learned these sequences you can adapt them to develop your own routines to meet the needs you have and the goals you have set for yourself.  You may want a relaxing workout focusing on meditation and balance or a more vigorous one geared toward aerobics, strength and agility.  Whichever you choose you are sure to enjoy this ancient practice of spiritual healing and well being.

5 Yoga Positions for Weight Loss

1. Crescent Pose

The first type of workout that you will have to do is the crescent .One will have to stand keeping the feet together and place the arms at the side. One must slowly inhale and raise the arms above the head and the fingertips must reach the ceiling. Then one can exhale and slowly bend forward by bringing one leg forward. If you want to make the position easier, then you could inhale and arch arms by gazing at the finger tips.

2. Willow

The second workout is the willow. This plays a great role in getting firmer abs. One will have to stand keeping the feet together. Then, one will have to touch the palm and place it in front of the chest. Then the arms must be extended upwards and the finger tip must be pointed to the ceiling. One must then continue with the inhalation and exhalation. This must be repeated to 3 or 5 times. The foot must be pressed to the thigh and then the sides must be switched. In order to make this easier, one must place the left foot in the calf or touch the toes to the floor in order to get a better balance.

woman doing yoga

3. Kundalini

The third pose is the kundalini leg movement and this helps in building a better navel center and also strengthens the abdominal muscles. This helps you a lot to get spiritual as well as physical fitness. Practicing it sincerely would help you to realize a better individual in you. One must definitely practice all these exercises before a spiritual guru. One can do these exercises with mantra to get greater benefits.

4. Locust

The fourth type of exercise is the locust pose and this provides the best benefits when done three or four times. This would help you to get a firmer abs, hips and thighs. To begin with the pose, lie on your belly keeping the arms at the side. Then exhale and slowly lift your head. Then raise your arms and keep it parallel to the floor. Once you complete it, slowly gaze upwards and stay in the position for 30 seconds.

5. Stretch

After doing all the exercises, it is essential to stretch the body. A good stretch can provide immense benefit and also plays a major role in relieving all types of stress. Practicing all the above five basic routines can help a lot in reducing weight.


Yoga is a great stress buster for any individual and one would be able to get perfect health through c. If you are over 40, then this would definitely be of great help in fighting obesity. Yoga plays a major role in reducing the stress hormone and also helps to increase the insulin sensitivity. Insulin plays a major role in burning out the food instead of storing it as fat. There are lots of types of yogasanas and before you start with a yoga workout, it is recommended that you choose a mat or a carpet in order to perform them without hassles.

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