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Yoga Meditation Techniques


There are many meditation techniques stemming from the Yogic practices and lifestyle that can help you deal with stress in your life, and enjoy more relaxation.

Seeing that each of us are different, and we are all motivated by different ideas, it is important to have a variety available when it comes to yoga.

Throughout this guide, you will be introduced to the types of yoga that you can engage in. Remember, the type that you choose is a personal choice that only you can make.


The trataka yoga meditation is one that is often defined as a “steady gaze”. When a person decides to engage in the gazing type of yoga, the session is enhanced by lighting a candle and placing it just in front of where they are sitting.

Then, the focus should be placed on the flame. All of the focus should be given to this item. Once the person stares for a few minutes, they should briefly shut their eyes and imagine seeing the image in the mind. This is a very easy and effective types of yoga.


Mantra is one of the many mediation techniques of Yoga that can be used for reaching a higher state of consciousness… or simply to relax and unwind.

This type of meditative practice is done by using various sounds as well as repeating certain words or scripts. The “mantra” is the sound that you elect to use in order to achieve a higher level of consciousness. This can be any type of sound that you wish, but it needs to be personal to you and it needs to be repeated consistently.


The chakra yoga focuses on actually becoming aware of the seven chakras in the body. Individuals simply relax in a comfortable position, and then they focus on breathing.

Once a higher level of consciousness is achieved, the individual may sit quietly and focus on the chakras of the body or perform a mantra in order to enhance the spiritual side of this yoga technique.


This is one of the most unique yoga meditation techniques in the book. Individuals who engage in this type of meditation simply place something in the ears such as earplugs or cotton.

They will then listen intently to all of the sounds that are occurring in the body in order to reach a heightened sense of awareness. This is type of internal focusing meditation.

It can also be performed at any location, or any length of time. Many prefer this because of the fact that it is simple and convenient.


When Raj meditation of yoga is performed, an individual gets themselves in a sense of consciousness is which they are blissfully content. The happiness that the yoga participant experiences in their mind allows them to open their mind up and be more receptive.

This type of meditation is all about living the dream – literally. It is believed that when we are at true happiness, our minds can relax and focus on the important things – free of mental distractions and negative mental self talk.


When one elects to perform a type of seating meditation, “Zazen” is a very popular choice. The ever-popular Buddha himself would meditate in this particular manner.

The person doing this should make sure that they sit straight up and that they tuck in the chin. Many may elect to rest against a wall or other structure for comfort. It is believed that true enlightenment comes from meditating in this particular method.

Benefits of Yoga Meditation Techniques

The reason why so many people are now turning to these types of techniques from yoga, is because they are full of benefits for both the mind and body. What’s more they are simple to do from home and can be very personally rewarding.

  • First, yoga can increase your overall flexibility. Many of the positions will put you in a situation in which the body becomes more limber. This can actually be beneficial in that can increase your overall mobility.
  • Individuals who suffer from pain due to injury or disease may benefit from meditative techniques.
  • Stress levels are reduced when a person engages in this relaxation technique, so this is a great stress management technique.
  • In yoga exercises, the breathing is controlled. This means that you are not only getting the air that you need, but the body gets oxygen where it is needed most to repair itself and also to optimize the health in general.
  • Strength is experienced when it comes to performing yoga. This is because the muscles are toned as one positions themselves for the practice.

There are many more types of Yogic practices and meditations to discover. Yet here you have been introduced to some of these that you can begin to practice and explore.

For more inspiration and guidelines you may want to try: The Best Meditations on the Planet: 100 Techniques to Beat Stress, Improve Health, and Create Happiness-In Just Minutes A Day (Most Effective). This is a great book that many of my clients have used to get you started in learning how to mediate away stress and anxiety.

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