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Youth Counseling Courses Online


Working with young people is a rewarding career – and we desperately need more qualified adults to take on the role of youth counseling these days. Kids need counseling for a variety of reasons. Some have some truly disturbing, life altering problems, while others simply need some simple mentoring and someone that they trust to point them in the right direction. Others fall in the middle of these two extremes, and are often lost in the process of growing up. No matter which type of kids you hope to help, you will benefit from a counseling course.

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As a youth counselor, you will have the ability to choose the type of children that you work with. Do you prefer to work with those who are already involved in criminal activity or who are likely to get involved in criminal activity? Would you do better with children who have survived abusive situations? What about children with drug problems, or those who have survived some type of tragedy? You need to think carefully about the type of children that you hope to counsel before you start looking for the appropriate youth counseling courses.

In order to be successful in this career, you must have a genuine desire to help children. You must actually like children, and enjoy being around them – even when problems exist. You can take a variety of educational paths to break into this type of field. Psychology, of course, opens many doors, but so does social work. Overall, the education that you need depends specifically on the type of children that you wish to counsel and guide.

The salary range for youth counselors ranges widely, depending on a number of factors. The low end of the scale is just under $20,000 annually, and the high end of the scale is in the one hundred thousands per year. This depends on the children that you will work with, the company or organization that you work for, and the amount of education that you have obtained, among other factors.

Youth Counseling Course Resources

Course Title: CYWP – Child and Youth Worker
Name of Business: Loyalist College
Location: Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Course Description: This is a three year program designed to prepare the professional to work with children and youth who are going through a wide range of issues, including behavioral problems, emotional problems, social problems, interpersonal problems, and more.
Resources: http://www.loyalistcollege.com/programs-and-courses/full-time-programs/child-and-youth-worker

Course Title: Post Graduate Certificate in Counseling Children & Adolescents
Name of Business: Regis University – College for Professional Studies
Location: 3333 Regis Boulevard, Denver, Colorado, United States
Course Description: This is a certificate program that was designed for those who are already educationally prepared as counselors or psychologists. This certification will, however, make you qualified to work with children.
Resources: http://cps.regis.edu/certificates-masters.php#sec

Course Title: Child and Youth Counseling Specialization
Name of Business: Western Seminary
Location: 5511 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland, Oregon, United States
Course Description: In order to enter this program, you must already be a counseling student through Western Seminary. Only a limited number of students are admitted into this specialization each year.
Resources: http://www.westernseminary.edu/Counseling/PDX/course_listing.htm

Course Title: Youth Work
Name of Business: Tabor Adelaide
Location: 181 Goodwood Road, Millswood, South Australia 5034
Course Description: This program will allow you to learn concepts regarding school work, alternative education programs, accommodation programs, case work, mentoring, church work, and outdoor activities, all as they relate to counseling and mentoring young people.
Resources: http://www.taboradelaide.edu.au/

Course Title: Teenage Psychology
Name of Business: ACS Distance Education
Location: PO Box 2092, Nerang MDC, QLD 4211, Australia
Course Description: This is a home study course designed for anyone who is interested in learning teenage psychology. This is a 10 lesson program.
Resources: http://www.acs.edu.au/courses/adolescent-psychology-451.aspx

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