Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Weight Loss and the Art of Zen: Lifestyle Tips to Think and Feel Yourself Slim


Life is unpredictable and nothing is guaranteed. Just when you’re determined to lose those pesky love handles in time for your summer weekend trip to the beach a slew of April birthdays hit at the office and you are knee deep in office birthday cake. Or the day you realize that your cousin’s wedding is months away and you still have those extra pounds graciously cloaking your thighs and hips. While it is guaranteed that life will constantly throw curve balls at you, one thing you can definitely count on is YOU!

You have the choice and the power to change the way you look, how you feel, and how you think about weight loss. Weight loss isn’t just about looking fit and fabulous on the outside but being healthy and feeling fabulous on the inside. These tips will help you find your inner healthy goddess glow.

Self Realization:

The first step to finding that inner harmonious feeling of Zen on your weight loss journey is to step back and watch you. One great way to do this is to keep a personal journal and a food diary. In your journal, record different thoughts and feelings that you might have throughout the week and match them up with what you’re eating. If on particularly stressful days you’re more inclined to indulge in ice cream or an extra glass of wine, make note of that.

Once you recognize your emotional triggers, actively work to substitute other activities instead of eating. For instance, if you’re feeling bored, get up and be active for five minutes. Whether it’s doing the dishes, sit ups, a new hobby, find something other than eating to entertain yourself. If you had a bad day, pass on the Ben & Jerry’s and instead indulge in a luxurious bubble bath or a rigorous kickboxing routine. The knowledge of your feelings gives you the control to better understand yourself.

Retrain your Thinking:

Finding your inner goddess glow is about loving who you are right here and right now. Not skinny you after you lost twenty pounds. Let go of the notions of happy equals being skinny. It does not. Instead find out what you like about yourself now. Make a list in your journal. Don’t judge the length or what’s on the list, just write.

Approach yourself from a place of love. By addressing your weight loss issue with love you’ll get positive results. By approaching your problems from a place of negativity- fear, shame, hatred- you will only get a negative result.

Break the cycle of negativity with love. Every time the old dark feelings of self-loathing come back, write it out in your journal. Acknowledge the feelings then let it go. The new you does not have time for those feelings anymore.

Powerful Visualizations:

The mind is a very powerful tool. When you completely focus your mind on one objective, you can easily achieve your goals. One great technique to help with your weight loss goals is mental visualizations.

Every time that you workout, visualize your body getting leaner, your muscles getting stronger. See the person you want to be. Believe each rep of each exercise is a step in the direction of that person. See yourself wearing that gorgeous red gown at your cousin’s wedding. Do these types of visualizations when you’re working out or in the mirror as you’re getting ready for work. Give your mind a goal to focus on and have your powerhouse of a brain help you meet your goals.

Celebrate Achievements:

As you’re going through your self-transformation process reward yourself. It’s not easy logging your caloric intake everyday and exercising all while trying to keep a balanced life. So when you do start to lose the weight and the clothes get looser, treat yourself

Transforming yourself into the person you want to be is not an easy goal to achieve. Each milestone, no matter how small should be met with a reward. For each small goal, pick out something you would like to do. Maybe a pedicure when you’ve lost your first 5 pounds or a rollerblading excursion with a loved when you hit fifteen pounds lost. The choice and the activities are up to you.

Whatever you do decide to do, don’t reward yourself with food. By doing this you’re associating the pleasure of meeting your goals with food. The achievement was done with your hard work and effort and those feelings of accomplishment should only be associated with you and not a hot fudge sundae.


  1. Nina

    I think retraining your thinking is very important. I noticed meditation, tao and some NLP really helped me with that. Rewire your thoughts, and you will be able to rewire yourself to not crave, lose control, or be glutenous. I recommend a spiritual path for all who want to lose weight. Master the mind to master the body!

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